Künstler: Hilary Winflied (USA)

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70 cm x 70 cm


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Rustic Industrial 5

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    Über Hilary Winfield

    Thank you for visiting my link and taking the time to learn more about me and about my work!


    I’ve been creating art since as far back as I can remember. When I was in the fourth grade, I won my first art contest and was awarded with ten dollars! I remember feeling incredibly exhilarated by the experience. Creating art has always been captivating to me and to be acknowledged for it was icing on the cake.

    North Carolina was a fabulous place for a creative person to grow up. One of my favorite pastimes was painting by candlelight while my house was without power due to an Autumn hurricane.


    I’m inspired by dynamic elements of nature; a thunderstorm rolling over the ocean at sunset,peeling paint on a dilapidated building, and city lights reflecting on a quiet lake at night.I see magic in everything.


    During college, I loved painting landscapes, specifically nature scenes of the beach, the mountains and waterfalls. However, I felt compelled to pursue a business-focused degree and being a “starving artist” wasn’t a career option.

    After college I traveled west across the United States, visiting many of our national parks and some of the country’s most beautiful places; the Badlands in South Dakota, pristine hot springs in Teton National Park, amazing waterfalls off the beaten path in Wyoming.


    I completely fell in love with the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and relocated to Portland, Oregon in 2001. I am obsessed with riding my bike beside the Willamette River and hiking throughout the Columbia Gorge and Mount Hood. Soon after moving to Oregon, I began my corporate marketing career. It was a unique existence that provided me many opportunities to meet wonderful people, learn a great deal, and travel around the world. But I was often drained after a long day in the office and I needed a creative outlet. In 2005, I started creating abstract art using acrylic paint on canvas. It was such a perfect way to become energized and a perfect form of expression. As a fairly introverted individual with a career that involved working and communicating with people for the better part of each day, it was incredibly fulfilling to enter the studio and lose myself in my art.

    In early 2007, I posted my work for sale with an online art gallery. I quickly sold my first two pieces within a week and it was one of the most amazing moments. I kept creating and continued to sell my work. I received positive feedback from both customers and critics. This praise ranged from winning awards, having a painting image selected as the design for the cover of a book, and being included in the permanent collection in a fine art museum.


    The business demanded more and more time. By 2011, I made the incredibly exhilarating decision to run the business full time. The day I resigned from my corporate marketing job, I was notified that I had won first place in the abstract category of the American Art Awards.


    Since that time, there have been many more exciting milestones. From exciting art gallery exhibitions, working with fabulous clients across the world, and creating new design techniques, I haven’t regretted the decision for a single day.

    It’s been an amazing and beautiful journey. I’m incredibly grateful and feel blessed to be able to do something that I absolutely adore.


    Please contact me with any questions or comments you may have.

    Thanks so much!